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In our educational coaching, where we accompany students at different levels throughout the year, we provide support for students to control their exam anxiety, build a study schedule, and succeed in the educational process more quickly with attention-concentration exercises. Contact us if you require a training coach, and we'll meet your student and oversee the procedure jointly.

Educational coaching is one of the most accurate and effective systems to support students throughout the academic year, identify their strengths, and push them to pursue their goals.

Training coach;

  • guides the student to find their own solutions by asking powerful questions.
  • gives feedback to the student as a result of observations.
  • works towards allowing the student to find their internal discipline.
  • supports the student to set his goal and manage his performance by working in a planned and programmed manner.
  • focuses on the areas that the student needs, and works like a tailor to support the appropriate learning program.
  • has a broad perspective, uses coaching tools to arrange the process with awareness, and contributes magically to the student's growth.


This process;

  • is based on trust and confidentiality with the student.
  • contributes to the positive development of the student in family, school and social life.
  • serves to develop students' ability to recognize and solve their problems.
  • supports the student to know himself, discover his potential and increase his competences.

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